Garmin install and wifi setup

Garmin is known to be one of the best and very reliable GPS based navigation equipment manufacturers. It is one of the leading choices among Americans when it comes to selecting an efficient navigation device brand. Garmin develops and manufactures vast varieties of models like Garmin Automotive GPS devices, Garmin Aviation, Garmin marine, and Garmin Sports and Fitness devices and Garmin Smart wearable, etc.


Most of the Garmin devices are GPS based and this is due to this GPS technology, that the navigation is so precise with this. Garmin users, however, need to have a Garmin Express account so that any changes or updates on their Garmin device can be done on it. This Garmin Express account can be created at and the users need to download the Garmin Express software tool from

Garmin also provided their Garmin account access through the mobile application that is Garmin connect which can be easily downloaded from any of the application stores i.e. the android and IOS etc. application stores.

Garmin login account 

Garmin login account is an easy and quick process that enables the Garmin users to log in and access their Garmin device through the Garmin account from anywhere at any point in time without any hassle. One of the major tasks of this Garmin account is that the users can register their Garmin products for warrant or service related jobs, the software or firmware of your Garmin devices can be easily updated through this Garmin account created at or in the Garmin Connect application.

Some of the important advantages of using the Garmin Express account have been listed below.

  1. 1 > It enables a Garmin user to register his/her newly purchased Garmin device at the Garmin portal.
  2. 2 > Remote as well as onsite Garmin devices management that includes Garmin Map updates management, or remote unlocking/locking your Garmin device.
  3. 3 > Garmin GPS updates i.e. Garmin maps updates 
  4. 4 > Garmin software updates and Garmin users can also locate their Garmin GPS devices.


How to create a Garmin account?

Garmin login account creation is not a tough task at all; however, some of the Garmin users might face a bit of difficulty while creating and logging in their Garmin account. Here is what you need to do to login to your Garmin login account. Read the step by step guide mentioned below to be able to successfully log in to your Garmin account.

  1. 1 > First and the foremost thing to do is make sure you have an active internet connection and enter the web address my,
  2. 2 > There on the home page of, you will see a sign in or login button, besides that sign-in button, you will also see a create account button and tap it.
  3. 3 > Now, a new window will get displayed asking the Garmin users to enter all the details like the name, phone number and email address in the blank fields.
  4.  > Create a strong passphrase and retype it. Make sure to include the lower case, upper case, special character, numeric and special symbols in it.
  5.  5 > Now, click the “submit” button and your Garmin login account will be created within a second or two and you will now be able to login to your Garmin Express account.
  6. 6 > You may be required to verify your email address provided while creating your Garmin login account and this email address can also be used to recover your forgotten login password of the Garmin account.


How to recover the forgotten Garmin login account password?

There is no need to worry if you have to forget the Garmin account login password. What you need to do is just reset this Garmin account password at Let us show how you can easily recover your forgotten Garmin login account password in some easy steps listed below.

  1. 1 > It is assumed that you are already connected to an internet connection.
  2. 2 > Now, launch the internet browser on your computer system and enter the web address my.garmin.comin the address bar of the browser and hit enter.
  3. 3 > Look out for and select the Sign in tab at the top right corner of the Garmin page, it is important to note that there will be a “forgot password” tab in the sign-in window itself.
  4. 4 > Once you have clicked the “forgot password” button, the users will be required to enter your contact details like the email address that has been used for Garmin account creation at the initial stage.
  5. 5 > This email address might also be your username. All the password recovery related information will be sent to your registered email address. Just click the password recovery link in the mail that you have received and enter the new password for your Garmin login account.

What is Garmin Connect?

Garmin Connect is a mobile application designed and developed by Garmin for its users having any of the Garmin devices like Garmin Nuvi, Garmin Edge or in Garmin Sports and fitness wearable or Garmin Aviation, etc. Garmin Connect smartphone mobile application is a very great application that helps the users in several ways like Garmin users don’t need to attach their Garmin GPS device to their computer system to update or even for managing their Garmin account. 

All the Garmin account-related tasks like Garmin software update, Garmin maps update, Garmin GPS update, and Garmin install and wifi setup all can be done easily on your smartphone with the help of this Garmin Connect application.


Where can I find this Garmin Connect application?

The Garmin Connect application can be easily downloaded on your Android or Apple smartphones from their respective application stores.

How to connect Garmin Fenix5/5S to a wifi network?

Garmin Fenix 5/5S is both one of the best available devices from Garmin. To connect Garmin Fenix 5/5S to an existing wifi network, what you need to do is you have to make sure that your Garmin device is first connected to Garmin Connect mobile application or Garmin Express computer application. If your Garmin Fenix 5/5S device isn’t connected to the Garmin Connect application, simply just launch the Garmin Connect mobile application on your mobile device and pair your Garmin device with your Smartphone with the Bluetooth technology.

Once your Garmin Fenix 5/5S is paired with your smartphone device, follow the steps mentioned below to get your Garmin Fenix 5/5S to connected to your wifi network.

  • 1 > Click the MENU tab on your device 
  • 2 > Then select the settings tab and then Wifi>My networks> Add a network
  • 3 > The consecutive page will display a list of all available wireless networks and you need to select your wifi network from the list of available wifi networks. 
  • 4 > You may be asked to enter the passphrase for your wifi network. This is the password that you are using for logging into your existing wireless network.
How do I pair my Garmin Fenix 5/5S with my smartphone?

The Garmin Fenix 5/5S device can be easily paired with your smartphone in some easy steps listed below.


  • 1 > First of all, what you need to have is the latest updated version of the Garmin Connect mobile application installed on your smartphone device. 
  • 2 > Now, launch this Garmin Connect mobile application on your smartphone.
  • 3 > It is strongly recommended that you bring your smartphone closer to your Garmin device so that their wireless connectivity remains strong.
  • 4 > Now you have to select the LIGHT button to switch on your Garmin device and also note that if it getting switched on for the first time, then it will boot up in pairing mode.
  • 5 > Garmin Fenix 5/5S users can also enter the pairing code manually by holding the LIGHT button.
  • 6 > Now, there will be a list of available wireless devices that you can pair and connect with your Garmin Fenix device. 
  • 7 > Select your mobile device model number from the list of devices and your Garmin device will be connected and paired with your smartphone mobile device.


Keynotes- There are some of the important points that need to be taken care of. They have been listed below.


  • 1 > If this is for the first time that you are connecting and pairing your Garmin device with your smartphone, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the whole pairing process.
  • 2 > After successfully pairing your smartphone with your Garmin device, the next time you launch the Garmin Connect application on your smartphone, the Garmin device will get automatically connected to your smartphone device and you can perform any major or minor tasks on it with complete ease and much quicker.
  • 3 > If you also have paired some other Garmin devices with your Garmin Connect mobile application, you need to select the Menu button and then select the Garmin device tab.
  • 4 > Then select the Add device tan and follow the instructions being displayed on the screen.

How do I update my Garmin Fenix 5s?

For updating the software version of the Garmin Fenix 5S watch, it is very important to already have Garmin Express installed on your computer system. If you don’t have Garmin Express software installed on your computer system, just log into and download and install the Garmin Express software from there or simply visit from your internet browser and install the Garmin Express software.


Now let us show how you can easily update your Garmin Fenix 5S watch with its latest software version.

  • 1 > You have to connect your Garmin Fenix watch to your computer system with a USB cable provided with it.
  • 2 > Now, launch the Garmin Express software installed on your computer system.
  • 3 > Select your Garmin Fenix watch as a device to be selected from the list of devices or it may also get automatically selected.
  • 4 > Reminder- It is to be noted here that if this is for the first time that you are connecting your Garmin Fenix watch to your computer system, then you will have to add a device initially.
  • 5 > Once your Garmin device has been successfully added, listed and selected in the Garmin Express software, Garmin Express software will automatically display the updates available.
  • 6 > The Garmin users can select the “install update” or “Install all updates” tab to get the Garmin GPS update process started.
  • 7 > This whole process of Garmin GPS update will be completed in few minutes and you will be required to disconnect your Garmin device from your computer system properly and only after it displays the Garmin GPS update done.