Garmin gps update

Garmin is known to be one of the best tracking device providers in the world. There are almost hundreds of high-end devices used for efficient navigation in every nook and corner of the world. Most of the consumers of Garmin navigation devices are from the American subcontinent. Besides manufacturing the best in class GPS based navigation devices, Garmin also stresses on their easy setup, installation, and updates. 

Garmin Gps update needs to be done as soon as it gets released for their GPS device. Users need not bother for their Garmin GPS update as step by step guide regarding the same will be provided in the easiest way possible so that anyone can get their Garmin GPS update done. There are certain reasons why every Garmin user should update their navigation device regularly. 

Some of the important reasons have been filtered out and listed below.

  1. Regular Garmin GPS update always brings in some additional features like extended navigation or navigation help buttons etc. 
  2. Updating your Garmin GPS device adds the latest set of maps that have been recently added on the maps.
  3. The Garmin GPS update also tends to increase the safety and security of your Garmin GPS device.
  4. Any latest features will be updated on the Garmin device itself with its update.
  5. Garmin maps update 

Updating Maps on your Garmin device

Updating the maps on your Garmin device is not a tough task to be done; Garmin users can easily download and install the Garmin maps update for their device by reading our complete Garmin map update guide carefully. Several requirements need to be taken care of before proceeding on for your Garmin GPS update. These prerequisites have been listed below.

Create my Garmin account

  • If you do not have a Garmin account earlier, just sign up for a new Garmin account at and agree to the Garmin’s terms and conditions.
  • You have the choice to subscribe or unsubscribe to the regular Garmin updates and news.
  • Register your Garmin device
  • Launch your web browser again and log into the web address
  • There you will need to sign in and access your Garmin account. 
  • Connect your Garmin GPS device to the computer system and wait for a while till the computer detects your Garmin GPS device.
  • Click the “home>register” tabs and select your Garmin device from the list.
  • Follow any other onscreen instructions to complete your Garmin device registration.

Purchase the Map updates (the map updates can also be free in some cases)

  1. This is yet another easy step, just log into your Garmin account again at and then clicks the “my maps” tab. The currently installed maps on your Garmin device will be listed and if any my update is available, that too will be shown next to your Garmin device model number.
  2. If any free map update is available, it will most likely be listed as a “free update available” or else the paid update needs to be added to the cart. Then download the maps update file.
  3. At last, just install those map update files
  4. Once, the map update file is downloaded, just log into your Garmin account to get the update installed by clicking the “maps update” button and go through the whole instructions set to complete the Garmin GPS update task.