How to update Garmin GPS without a computer?

Initially, with the older models of Garmin’s GPS based navigation devices, it was quite necessary and kind of obligatory to get the Garmin GPS update done only after connecting it to an external computer system with the help of a serial USB cable or any other cord provided with the Garmin GPS device.

         However, in the latest set of Garmin devices, they have provided the wireless connectivity of this Garmin navigation, fitness, and various other high-end devices to your smartphones or the computers through wifi, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. Garmin users can easily connect their Garmin device to the same wifi network to which the user’s smartphone or computer device is connected to.

Important note- It is very important to note here that this Garmin GPS update without direct computer connection will only work if you have installed the Garmin Express software or Garmin Connect mobile application on the required desktop or mobile device. 

It is only through this Garmin Express and Garmin Connect mobile application that a Garmin user can easily manage and update the Garmin GPS maps and Garmin software conveniently, wirelessly and quickly.